In certified translations the translator not only does the task of transforming a text from language A to language B. He must also assume responsibility for the deliverable content. In some cases, it is the government who grants an accreditation to perform such task. This provides a legal status and certification. In certain countries, it suffices for the professional to make a sworn statement as to the veracity of the content. In this statement he also declares that he is competent in the languages of the task. In both cases, the responsibility rests solely on the translator. This service is used for consular and public administration procedures, however, there are other types of organizations that may request them. Lingualink Solutions understands how important it is to have solutions adapted to your needs.

Simple words can change their meaning from one country to another, even if they are  in the same language. Literal translations can lead to false meanings and create non-compliance. Some areas in which Lingualink Solutions has done certified translations are: criminal documents, immigration documents, political asylum, Temporary Protected Status (TPS), investment visas, contractual documents, commercial documents, business incorporation and child adoption documents.

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