Imagine this, you are going to launch a new product and you have a text that needs to meet certain criteria to line and rule. After a few months of having launched the product, improvements were made to it so you need to update the instructions manual. Starting a new translation from scratch just to modify a few pages will take time that you are not willing to lose. This is where Computer Assisted Translations (CAT) come in. CAT Tools do not replace the use of a professional human translator. They complement and assist him. These tools are able to register common phrases in the text and propagate their translation into the target language. They can also learn the translation style you like and send an alert when the translator is not complying with it. This type of translation is often used in the tech industry. For example, when Apple launched the Iphone 12 and soon after launched the Iphone 13, the information was similar from one device to the other. CAT allows you to save time and provide accuracy in all your translations. Some companies require translators the mandatory use of CAT tools, as these, in turn, allow them to generate a database with specific terminology and text style.

These databases allow uniform terminology and ensure that each word is always translated in the same way. For example, automóvil will always be translated as automobile and not as car or vehicule. The translator will have a translation memory provided by the CAT tool. This translation memory will take into account those specific terms during the translation process. By allowing Lingualink Solutions Corporation to generate a translation memory for your company, you will have an exclusive language database for your projects. At the end of the day, this allows: faster translations, consistent terminology and to have a translation style that suits you.

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