Lingualink Solutions Corporation is a translation & interpreting services company located in Miami, United States. The company began working with a group of translators in documents for contractual documents, political asylums, adoption forms, visas, marketing campaigns, civil documents, child abuse reports, criminal records, technical manuals and university programs. Soon after, the interpretation area was opened providing services in Europe, Latin America, United States and Africa. The areas of expertise for interpretation have been: green energies, healthcare, medicine, technology, STEM, finance, politics, human rights, marketing, architecture, immigration, agriculture, industries 5.0, artificial intelligence, transportation, fossil fuels and business.

Lingualink Solutions believes that people who are able to understand each other reach common goals easier. These attained goals lead to new horizons. The company combines work in the translation and interpreting industry with business consulting. In this field Lingualink has developed international procurement processes for companies. For this team, there is no such thing as a small client. Each client must receive personalized attention, tailored to the needs of their projects. No matter if you are an individual or a company, the team will find a way to build long-lasting relationships and surpass your expectations on each assignment.

Commitment, perseverance, and knowledge, is what Lingualink reflects during each project it delivers.

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